Eng Programe

Enjoy a great opportunity to swim with the elephants.


Follow us. Follow the elephant steps through the jungle.

8:30 Pick up at your hotel

9:30-10:30 Arrive at elephant camp, have coffee or tea, change into Karen or Thai clothing, meet our elephants, feed them, take photos

10:30-12:00 Take a hike through the jungle and plant a bamboo tree. This is a rigorous hike on steep, dirt trails. Bring hiking shoes or you will be provided with boots. You have the option to swim with the elephants and skip the hike for a reduced price.

12:00-1:00 Lunch in the jungle on bamboo furniture, eating food in banana leaves and drinking tea from bamboo cups.

13:00-15:30 Washing, swimming and having fun with the elephants in the Mae Kok River.

15:30-16:30 Walk back to the elephant camp, shower and change clothes, enjoy coffee/tea

16:30 Return to your hotel

*Please note that this sentence gives people who don't want to hike or are not able to an option. You would decide what the reduced price would be. "You have the option to swim with the elephants and skip the hike for a reduced price"


Love, respect and care in a different way to their past lives. With no riding, enjoying elephants with love and respect. You will spend all day long with the elephants, hand feed the elephants, play in the river and play in the mud, planting trees in the jungle.

           2,500 Baht ( you come by yourself or agency)

Children aged 3-10 years old half the price of a standard adult

1 month to 3 years old is free

Program Includes : Elephant Food, Drinking water, Tea, Coffee, Lunch, 2 mahouts and elephants ,small tree, clothing lend, water, insurance.